Replacement Wireless Stimulator Arm Pads

Replacement Wireless Stimulator Arm Pads

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    • COMPATIBLE: These reusable Adhesive Gel Pads are compatible with our Wireless 8-Pack Abdominal & Arm Stimulator and most TENS massagers that use snap-on wires. These pads will also fit our TAMTEC SPORT Units and any other EMS device that has pin wires. If you have a unit that uses pin wires, make sure to purchase the Premium Package that includes the pin-to-snap connector wires!

    • SELF-ADHESIVE & REUSABLE: Easy to use and no straps needed! Make sure to clean and dry skin before use. After each session, stick them back on the plastic storage sheet to prevent them from drying out. Our TAMEXX Adhesive Gel will prolong the life of the adhesive pads.

    • LATEX FREE: Our replacement gel pads are medical-grade quality, non-toxic, latex-free and for most skin types.

    • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 x Arm/Leg Pad

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