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Study shows that EMS technology is effective in increasing muscle strength and endurance

A Journal of Sports Science & Medicine study concluded that EMS technology was effective in increasing muscle strength and endurance! Read the full article here.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation: The Workout That Does the Work

Check out how fitness centers are incorporating EMS technology into their workout regimens here!

Pathways to Pain Relief!

All of our machines come equipped with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). The diagram below details the pathways activated by TENS that allow the spinal cord to produce analgesia – the inability to feel pain!

Source: PubMed Central® (PMC)

Electrical Stimulation Helps Stroke Patients Move

EMS technology can help patients regain movement after a suffering from a stroke. Read the full article here.

Paralyzed man moves legs using EMS device that stimulates spinal cord

A paralyzed man was able to move his legs using EMS technology! Click here to access to the full story.


Case Report: EMS & Diet Interventions to improve MS


Neuromuscular electrical stimulation has been used to aid musculoskeletal recovery. Excessive oxidative stress and excitoxicity are implicated in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. A 52-year-old white female with SPMS had been scooter- and cane-dependent for 4 years. She requested and received a trial of neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Two months after initiating NMES the patient adopted several nutritional interventions to lower oxidative stress and excito-toxicity. During the first 2 months of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, the therapist observed modest gait improvements. Following the addition of nutritional interventions, more rapids gains in strength and endurance, including muscle groups not receiving neuromuscular electrical stimulation were observed by both the therapist and the patient. After 8 months of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (6 months of nutritional intervention) the patient’s function had improved sufficiently that she no longer used a scooter or cane and rode her bicycle routinely 8 miles, including hills.