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Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators - FDA Cleared

Since 1990, Tone-A-Matic has been the global leader in developing and manufacturing electric stimulators. Our easy-to-use FDA 510(k) Cleared EMS & TENS machines will help accelerate your fitness results, build muscle mass and strength, prevent and recover from injuries, and treat pain. Our units allow you to target problem areas and will activate hard to reach muscle fibers much faster than your regular training routine -- all without putting any stress on your joints!

Pain Therapy & Relief

Tone-A-Matic's FDA cleared Electric Muscle Stimulator units treat acute and chronic pain caused by muscle tension, strains, sprains, arthritis, sciatica, tendonitis, herniated disc, and other injuries. Stop putting up with pain and Start feeling better today.

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Muscle Building

Get toned abs, firm your buttocks & thighs, build biceps, and increase strength with consistent use of the Tone-A-Matic system & maintaining a healthy diet. Our machines send a signal to your muscles to contract & relax just like regular exercise, but with quicker results!

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Athletic Training

Tone-A-Matic has been used by thousands of professional athletes for training and recovery. EMS activates a much higher % of muscle fibers compared to regular exercise, thereby helping with overall athleticism, performance, and faster recovery.

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Our 8-in-1 EMS/TENS Muscle Stimulators Offer More Programs Compared to Others:

Micro-Current Therapy

Micro-Current Therapy is one of the many different frequencies included in our TAMTEC® SPORT Series. Micro-Current is the only electrical therapy whose currents can penetrate the cells. It is used primarily for tissue healing and pain relief.

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Interferential Current / IFC

Although most Muscle Stimulators on the market do not include IFC, our TAMTEC® SPORT Series does. Interferential Therapy is essentially a deeper and more effective form of TENS that promotes endorphins and blocks pain signals.

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Russian Stimulation

Compared to other frequencies, Russian Stimulation is a lot higher at 2,500HZ – allowing for a much deeper penetration to targeted muscles. Russian Stim is very popular for body builders, professional athletes, and individuals who want muscle gains.

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TAMEXX® Active Recovery

TAMEXX® Wave Active Recovery helps to mitigate disuse atrophy from neuromuscular disease, muscle-skeletal disorder, & other injuries. It also helps to clear lactic acid & increase blood flow at a lower frequency. This program is great for post workout recovery & is exclusive to Tone-A-Matic!

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EMS, or “Regular Stim” is also found in our machines. The TAMTEC® SPORT units have 3 different versions of EMS: Strength, Endurance, and Resistance. Each of these programs has a different pattern, contraction, and relaxation time. But they all tone and firm targeted muscles!

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All of our units have TENS Stimulation. TENS produces muscle twitches at a very low frequency that act like a massage & can be used after your workout. It is widely used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and athletes for the relief of chronic pain, pinched nerve, muscle injury, & more.

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