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Since 1990, Tone-A-Matic's line of superior products has been the number one choice of medical and health professionals including doctors. We have been in the business of Electronic Muscle Stimulators for 25 years. Our systems are TOP QUALITY, and we offer a number of models to choose from to ensure that we've got a system to meet every need! We are the manufacturer - no middle man. 

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is an advanced technique used world wide for toning, reshaping, and firming different muscle groups throughout the body and maintaining muscle definition. EMS works by initiating muscle contraction using electronic impulses. These impulses are generated by our Tone-A-Matic devices and are transferred through electrodes on the skin in direct proximity to the muscles desired for stimulation. The impulses copy the message your brain would send to the muscle to make it contract during normal exercise. Tone-A-Matic EMS systems allow you to supplement your regular workout program without putting stress on your joints, lower back, neck and shoulders.

Tone-A-Matic Muscle Stimulators also help treat pain, muscle injuries, and prevents muscle atrophy. Our products are used worldwide by chiropractors, physiotherapists, and professional athletes. This technology is also available for you to use at your convenience! Why spend thousands of dollars visiting doctors when you can treat your pain in the comfort of your own home? Our medical devices are often covered by medical insurance. Please contact your insurance provider to inquire about this.


Increases Muscular Strength
Tones and Firms the body
Faster Muscular Recovery
Improves Blood Circulation
Easy on the Joints





    Tone-A-Matic muscle stimulators are FDA 510K cleared and FDA OTC (over the counter) Cleared.  

            Health Canada

    WARNING: DO NOT purchase an EMS machine if you are not 100% sure they have been FDA cleared.

    High standards and quality control have been put into place for each of our products. 


    Why Choose Tone-A-Matic?

    • All of our units are FDA and Health Canada approved

    • Warranty included with purchase of a Machine

    • 30-Day Money Back guarantee

    • We have the longest EMS contraction time in the world of 150 seconds!

    • Free ground shipping with the purchase of a Tone-A-Matic machine (Continental USA & Canada only)

    • Used worldwide by professional doctors and athletes

    • Best prices in the market

    • We've been in business for 25 years!


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