Tone & Firm Muscles

Tone & Firm Muscles

Effortless Muscle Building - Anytime, Anywhere
Instant Pain Relief Where You Need It

Instant Pain Relief
Where You Need It

Discover the Benefits of TENS
Revitalize Your Body with Deep Tissue Massage

Revitalize Your Body
with Deep Tissue Massage

Tone-A-Matic Percussive Massage Gun
Elevate Your Workouts with Targeted Stimulation
Seamless Integration into Your Routine

Elevate Your Workouts with
Targeted Stimulation

If you suffer from chronic pain, are recovering from an injury, wish to free up movement, or want to tone your body and improve muscular strength - look no further. Tone-A-Matic products give you access to cutting edge technology widely used by physicians and professional athletes in the comfort of your home. For over three decades, Tone-A-Matic Muscle Stimulators, Massagers, and wellness products have helped thousands of people combat pain, build muscle , and move them towards their best.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Tone & Strengthen Muscles

Faster Recovery Time

Train Without Stress on Joints

Why Tone-A-Matic?


30+ Years in business

Certified Devices

FDA approved, effective, and safe

30-Day Trial

Money back guarantee

2-Year Warranty

Included with EMS devices



A powerful dual-channel muscle stimulator designed for effortless use. With a range of 8 pre-set programs, including EMS, TENS, Russian Stim, IFC, and more, this device offers a comprehensive solution for pain relief, muscle toning, and rehabilitation. Its compact design allows for easy transport, making it a perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Discover a new level of muscle care with the TAMTEC SPORT 2 Plus.

Dr Terry Wahls

Success Story

Discover the remarkable journey of a renowned medical doctor who successfully reversed her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with the assistance of Tone-A-Matic's EMS machine, coupled with strategic nutrition and lifestyle changes.

This inspiring story is just one of many; our products have touched lives across the globe. Click 'Read More' to delve deeper into this incredible transformation.


Very happy with my purchase of the Tamtec Sport 2 ems unit. It was a life saver during the pandemic when all the gyms were closed.

Peter T
Philadelphia, PA

I'm very impressed with the customer service. Had a slight issue with my order and they took care of it right away.

Helen A
Lexington, KY

Would recommend Tone-A-Matic to anyone that is looking for ems treatment at home. This machine has helped soothe my back and shoulder pain tremendously.

Alex J
Los Angeles, CA

Reliable company with great products

Raymond S
Albuquerque, NM

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