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Return Questions

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Reach out to us via email and provide us with your date of purchase and order number and one of our reps will provide you with an RMA # and detailed instructions on where to send the item.

Product Questions

For more information on the benefits of TENS, click here. To learn about the benefits of EMS click here.

Most customers find the instructional manual with its various pad placements self explanatory. However, our consultants are available to help and answer any of your questions. Please, make use of our customer service line if you require further assistance.

The duration of each EMS session can vary, but a typical recommendation is around 20 to 30 minutes per session. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the optimal session duration based on individual needs and fitness levels.

Insurance coverage for TENS and EMS devices can vary. While some insurance plans may cover the cost with a prescription for certain medical conditions, others may not. It's crucial to check with your specific insurance provider to determine coverage details and requirements. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional to assess if TENS or EMS is medically necessary can help in obtaining any potential insurance coverage.

While TENS and EMS devices are generally safe, some users may experience minor side effects. These can include skin irritation at electrode sites, tingling sensations, or muscle soreness. Adhering to recommended usage guidelines, proper electrode placement, and consulting with a healthcare professional can help minimize potential side effects. If you experience persistent discomfort or adverse reactions, it's advisable to discontinue use and seek medical advice.

The frequency of electrode replacement for EMS/TENS devices depends on usage and maintenance. As a general guideline, electrodes may need replacement every 10 to 30 uses, or when they lose their adhesive properties. Keeping the skin clean and following our recommendations for care and storage can extend their lifespan. Regularly inspecting electrodes for wear and ensuring a secure fit during each use will help maintain optimal effectiveness. You can also check out our TAMEXX Pad Prolonger Gel, which will restore your dried out pads and prolong their lifespan.