Tone-A-Matic Super-Fly Abs, butterfly shaped TENS wireless unit

Super-Fly ABS

Wireless TENS massager

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  • Wireless!
  • No need for gel
  • Increases circulation
  • Relieves pain in desired areas (shoulders, back, arms)
  • Tones muscles that are targeted
  • Portability makes it possible to use anywhere, anytime
When you purchase the Super-fly ABS,  the following are included:
  • Two batteries
  • Butterfly-shaped self-adhesive pad attached
  • 4 programmed massage routines
  • Complete Instruction Manuel
  • CR 2032 button cells 


  • Suffering from backaches? 
  • The new Super-fly ABS is very light, compact, and easy to use and doesn’t require any wires! 
  • Just attach the Butterfly shaped Adhesive Pad to the desired area and watch it massage or tone that muscle group.

    Output Frequency 1-100Hz
    Size 112 (L) x 78 (W) x 13 (H) mm



    Easy to use

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