Multi-Functional Knee & Elbow Brace

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The Knee/Elbow Brace is excellent for treating injuries & providing support. It alleviates pressure and reduces stress on the knee and elbow joint. This brace also eases pain caused by arthritis, ACL/MCL tears, dislocation, strains, sprains, and other Injuries.

Our Knee/Elbow Brace comes with adjustable Snap-On Pads, which gives you the ability to use the Brace in conjunction with your Electric Muscle Stimulator or TENS device. The targeted muscle contraction and relaxation that occurs when used with an EMS machine will provide fast pain relief in your knee and elbow area. 

Unlike other products, our Brace includes Snap-On Pads that are completely adjustable. This means that you are able to move the Pads around and place them anywhere on the inside of the Brace.
  • Works your upper and lower abdominal and oblique muscles simultaneously by contracting and relaxing the muscles when used with an electronic muscle stimulator. Using the Tone-A-Matic Ab Belt with any EMS unit will help you maximize your abdominal/core workout without the hassle straining your neck and back doing sit-ups.
  • The belt can also be used without a muscle stimulator unit to increase sweat and core temperature during normal exercise.
  • It can also be worn underneath clothing throughout the day to improve posture, stability, and back support. 
  • Designed to fit around your waist comfortably and adjusts to your size and shape with adjustable Velcro.
  • Comes with 2 Extra Large Pads (please note: EMS/TENS device NOT included. Not compatible with EMS/TENS Machines that use Snap-On Wires).

Who is it for?

The Tone-A-Matic Multi-Functional Knee/Elbow Brace is perfect for individuals that want to treat pain in the knee and elbow area caused by arthritis, injuries, strains, ACL/MCL tears, dislocation, sprains, and other injuries. This Brace will fit most TENS machines that use Snap-On Wires. It is also compatible with TENS/EMS units that use Pin wires.

What does it Do?

The Tone-A-Matic Knee/Elbow Brace targets pain and provides support specifically in the knee and elbow areas.

How does it treat Pain and Provide Support?

  • When the Brace is used with a TENS unit, electric impulses travel to the nerve fibres. TENS stimulation blocks pain signals from reaching the brain and helps produce natural pain killers/endorphins in the body. When the Brace is used in conjunction with an EMS unit, electrical impulses create a deep penetration to the targeted area, which causes the surrounding knee and elbow muscles to contract and relax. This deep penetration provides the user with instant pain relief and helps build muscle over time. EMS & TENS therapy is a safe and effective way to reduce pain and increase strength. Please note that a TENS/Electric Muscle Stimulator machine is NOT included in the purchase.
  • The Brace can also be worn on its own without an Electric Muscle Stimulator Unit.
  • The Open-Patella Design helps to keep your knee cap and muscles in place while you walk and exercise. It also relieves stress and reduces pressure on your knee and elbow joints, allowing you to recover and prevent injuries effectively.
  • Premium Neoprene Material and Woven Pads with Silver Thread allow for increased comfort and mobility. The fabrics also make this brace very lightweight and breathable. Top and Bottom Velcro Straps ensure a personalized fit and prevents any slippage.
knee and elbow brace - Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators in Canada
knee and elbow brace - Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators in Canada
knee and elbow brace - Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators in Canada
knee and elbow brace - Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators in Canada
knee and elbow brace - Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators in Canada
Multi-Functional Knee & Elbow Brace