Wireless Abs - Overview

This intelligent wireless fitness apparatus is ideal for those who can’t get to the gym due to injury or busy lifestyle and want an EMS machine that is ultra-portable with no wires. Can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for workouts while you’re on the job, on the move, or at home watching TV. Workout anytime and anywhere! 

EMS Technology – In as little as 30 mins a few times a week or with daily use you can rebuild your strength. Electric impulses created by the device mimic’s our body’s natural muscle contraction signals, resulting in an effective workout that strengthens, energizes, and relaxes. It’s a more efficient way to tone and strengthen almost every muscle in your body. With continued use and a healthy diet / lifestyle, you can take your body strength and endurance to new heights.

60 Exercise Combinations - This Muscle Trainer has 6 exercise programs and 10 intensity levels, allowing you to adjust to a comfortable level and work your way up as your muscles get stronger. Includes 8 point Abdominal Muscle Trainer pads for maximum coverage on the stomach – say goodbye to stubborn belly fat. Also includes 2 extra Trainer pads that can be used on the arms, thighs, or any other area. This allows you to isolate and tone problem areas.