Whether you are an athlete, body builder, someone who works out regularly, or looking to get in shape and tone up, EMS from Tone-A-Matic is the perfect solution.
Our EMS machines are the perfect compliment to your training program and are great on when used on their own.


Regular Training and Toning:
The beauty of Electric Muscle Stimulation / EMS is that your muscles do not know if you are lifting weights (voluntary muscle contraction) or using EMS (involuntary muscle contraction).Your normal workouts activate only 30% of your muscle fibres. Adding a Tone-A-Matic EMS system to your regimen will allow you to activate up to 100% of your fibres--ensuring maximum efficiency and results!  



Each sport has its own set of physical demands and training requirements:

Basketball players constantly sprint up and down the court, are required to change directions quickly and must maintain balance. For these reasons speed, balance, upper body strength and agility are necessary for success on the court.

Football at any level involves a lot of running, jumping, and fast changes in direction etc. Therefore maximum speed and acceleration, agility, muscular strength, and flexibility are extremely important.

Strength training helps baseball players increase batting speed, striking power and throwing velocity.

No matter the sport, our EMS machines will help you enhance your muscle development and overall performance. Our electronic muscle devices will also help speed up recovery time and prevent injuries.
Body Builders:
Electronic Muscle Stimulation is perfect for body builders and individuals looking to bulk and gain a lot of muscle mass.
All of our machines are designed to build muscle through contraction and relaxation, however there are a few models that are more effective and efficient at achieving this goal.
The TDR 68 and TAMTEC SPORT series are equipped with the Russian Stimulation feature which is the deepest penetration to the muscle at 2,500HZ.
Using Russian Stimulation daily will ensure that you are activating 100% of your muscle fibres with a much deeper penetration than you would with normal lifting and regular stimulation.