What Some of Our Customers Have to Say:

Better than I expected!

Wow! Very powerful. I got this to treat my plantar fasciitis pain. It feels excellent on my feet after a long distance run. It seems to help with recovery after running by loosening up the plantar fascia as well as stimulating blood flow to it. It is effective at a very low intensity setting (the unit is much more powerful than I can tolerate to set it). Also, the battery: I charged it one time, for four hours before my first use. I've been using this several times a week for at least an hour, for several weeks now. I haven't had to recharge the battery once. The indicator says it is still at full capacity.


Strong and Durable

I’ve been using this machine for a few months now and have definitely noticed a lot of muscle gain. This unit is very strong—as soon as you put it on you can really feel the muscles being contracted. Not only does this machine tone muscles, it is also good for recovery. I like the fact that the programs are already built in. All you have to do is choose your program, time, and desired intensity level. It comes with a lot of accessories so you definitely get your moneys worth. I received it on time and have no complaints. Overall a great EMS machine!


If you are in pain, The absolute best Muscle Stimulator/TENS product on the market

I cannot express enough my gratitude to Tone-A-Matic for developing the TAMTEC SPORT 4 Plus electronic simulator. After 4 major spine surgeries over the past 5 years, I was left with titanium caging on 4 of my lumbar vertebrae, a morphine pump in my abdomen that delivers the medication via a catheter directly to my spinal cord, multiple compression fractures on several of my thoracic vertebrae that remain inoperable, muscle atrophy in legs, and a huge amount of pain still in my back and legs.

Between the first and 4th surgery I was confined to a wheelchair because walking was impossible due to pain, and my muscles atrophied by at least 60% during that time. Even after a combined year in physical rehab facilities and uncountable weeks of in and out patient physical therapy, I was still confined to a bed for 20+ hours a day. The only non opiate therapy that seemed to help was the TENS, and IFC, Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) treatments I received during that period. Unfortunately, when I was deemed well enough to go home, those treatments stopped and an indescribable pain level plagued me 24/7 for years. I had given up all hope for a future. This device changed all that and significantly improved my quality of life.

Unfortunately, it took me approximately 8 other units and around $800 wasted on them before I found it. There are so many units out there it is difficult to know which will offer the relief you need. Most of them are the same unit produced in India and then labeled with the local sellers brand name on it. None of them provided the relief I needed, and one actually caused severe burns and blistering on my skin. However, after learning a little more each time I purchased one of those inefficient imports, I was finally able to refine my search results to find a unit which provided professional level strength, a price point I could afford, and most importantly, significant relief from the excruciating pain I endured whenever I moved. This unit was the Tone-A-Matic TAMTEC Sport 4 Plus.

With the aid of the unit: I have regained much of my lost muscle mass, have reduced my pain level to a mostly manageable level, and can now move without the aid of a wheel chair, walker, crutches, or cane. The device has returned to me a quality of life which I had previously lost hope on achieving. It is nothing short of miraculous and the absolute best product on the market today. Additionally, the sales team was efficient, supportive, and patient, with the numerous emails I sent with questions regarding the devices capabilities.

Do not waste your money on an inferior product that may be a few dollars cheaper or even more expensive. I have a stack of those collecting dust in my closet. However, if you suffer from Back Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Neuropathy, etc., this device will change your life. It is simple to use, comes with many extras, and is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who were too kind in answering all my questions both, before, and after the sale.

My handicap will never change due to the trauma my spine endured. However, the level of pain I must live with daily is so greatly reduced through the use of this product that I will never be without one again. My only regret is not getting it sooner because I did not find a full review of the product.

Manage your pain now! Get this product.

-Christopher Baker

Great Electronic Muscle Stimulator

Worth every penny! I originally bought this after having horrible nerve pain after a hernia operation. Had pain I couldn't begin to describe. Of course the Dr wanted me on pain killers, which I did not want to become addicted to. So I went to a physical therapy place that had a machine like this and noticed it helped. Unfortunately with insurance the treatment was only allowed a couple times a week and for short sessions. So I decided to get my own. From my research and reading reviews I decided to give this one a try. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Within a couple weeks the pain was gone. Since being fully recovered from the hernia operation I have joined CrossFit and find this great to use now for recovery and building strength. The machine has worked great for over two years now with no problems and I enjoy all the options and adjustments this machine offers. I've also called customer service with questions and they have always been friendly and helpful.

On a side note. My neighbor got into a bad accident car accident last year and had spinal nerve issues. She had the same experience as me with her Dr and physical therapy place. So she decided to get a machine for herself. Unfortunately she decided to buy a cheap one on amazon. The first one stopped working after a week or so and the second one didn't help. When I found this out I offered her to use mine. She immediately called me after a day to say thank you. She said she noticed a huge difference compared to the cheap ones she bought. After a few weeks she was feeling much better and even the Dr was surprised with her fast recovery.

-Michael K

Great home advanced TENS unit!

I have had 4 knee surgeries in 2 years. My quad has atrophied after the last surgery to the point that I can fall from it giving out. They started Russian TENS at PT and that helped. I bought this product to continue using the Russians TENS and other settings to help my muscle. The product is better than I expected and is working very well. I would buy it again.


By the way great Customer Care

Very convenient, at 68 years of age it has given me confidence entering the 2nd half of life. Every body part has been rejuvenated in less than a week. As a former athlete I know what works. The Tone-A-Matic is the message that it brings. Had I not invested in this product, I would have robbed myself of the quality of life I so deserve. Thank you Tone A Matic , by the way great Customer Care.

-Alonzo G.Cole

Liked it so much I bought a second one for my winter home.

This is the second tone-a-magic I have purchased. I bought the first one about a year ago for my home in the Midwest. My husband and I both used it often to relieve muscle pain and tension. We really found relief for our chronic back pain. We go to Florida for the winter and decided that we need one there as well. One of the wires didn’t work when I received it so I contacted customer service and they could not have been more responsive. They are sending me a new wire immediately. They were very accommodating and helpful. I may even try some of the other accessories as I’m so happy with this machine. I have had physical therapy and the therapist has used a different tens machine on my back. But it honestly did not work as well as this one. I highly recommend!

-Kenneth Peterson

Exceptional company and product.

This is a very good product. I'm using it to rehab my leg. The contractions are very strong and will definitely do what I need. The previous review by Isaac describes the unit and accessories correctly. I also ordered the facial pads and ab belt separately. They are the same high quality. I heartily recommend these.

I also had an exceptional experience with Tone-A-Matic. I contacted them by email both before and after the sale a total of five times with questions and comments. The same person handled my inquiries each time and replied the next day. She also phoned me twice. That's the best customer service I've had in a long, long time.


Well worth the money!!!

My husband just recently became a paraplegic. I had bought many electric muscle stimulators and none of them were powerful enough. So I paid the extra money for this one and it was so worth it. We can actually see his feet move with this machine on. Don't waste your money on the other brands.

-Leslie Wilcoxson

Works excellent!

This is a wonderful product. I use it for pain relief in my shoulders and lower back and it's working great! I'm using to tone as well and believe it is really working nicely. I really like how it comes in a nice carrying case and everything is wrapped up neatly. No lost parts here. I've only had this device for a few weeks but I'm getting good results from using it. Overall, I recommend this to everyone because it's multi-functional and most people could get some benefit from using this device.


This is the real deal. I'm a chronic back ...

This is the real deal. I'm a chronic back sciatic pain sufferer for years. After just one use. SERIOUSLY... One use, pain is gone. I do two treatments a day. One with setting 4 tens and one with setting 8 ifc. If C seems to last much longer for pain relief. Worth every cent.

-William Juhas

Helped with pain while waiting for chiro appt.

Fantastic product; upgrade from my previous and less powerful TENS unit. This unit packed the intensity I needed to get me through lower back pain while waiting for chiro appointment. Would have otherwise missed worked without it!

-V.J. Larkin

I am so glad I ordered this unit

I am so glad I ordered this unit. Before I started using it I would wake up every night for about 2-3 hours with an aching pain in my left shoulder. I immediately started using the unit for about 2 weeks and then once a week after that. It has given me so much relief.

-Margaret Reiser

Excellent product

Excellent product. I have a small practice so having a machine that doesn't take up a lot of space but is still very effective and just as powerful as a big bulky machine is perfect. I highly recommend this unit for a small or large practice.

-Corey M

Excellent, Great multi-purpose EMS device!!!

Excellent EMS device! Strong enough for biggest muscles. Great programs. Wonderful variety of programs. Easy to use. Good instructions. Already see definition in weaker muscles. Relieves sore feet after 18 hr days. Have had several EMS devices through the years & this is by far the best.

Would definitely buy again. Arrived on time & packed well.


Tone-A-Matic is the best all around! Great Device and Amazing Customer Service!!!!

I love this thing!!! BEST unit I've ever used and the Customer service was amazing!!! I just had surgery and I was looking for a unit like this and thank Goodness I came across this one!!! The BEST!!!!

There Website is awesome too, they have allot of cool stuff on there for this sort of workout! I bought some extra stuff like, pads, etc.

IF I CAN GIVE IT 10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠I WOULD.


-Hector Figueroa

Happy Customer

I cannot be any happier with this machine. Unlike other EMS/TENS products, this unit came with so many accessories, including large and small rubber pads and straps (which never need to be replaced). This was a huge bonus. The TAMTEC SPORT 2 Plus is very user-friendly and it is really strong. The Russian Stim program is excellent for muscle building and I mostly use it on my abs to strengthen my core. The Endurance, Strength, and Resistance programs are also great for toning. You can really feel your muscles contracting when using the machine. Although I bought this unit for gaining muscle, I love that I have the option to use the other programs like IFC and Micro-Current for pain when I need it. In general, I am more than pleased with the product and company. The item arrived on time, was as described, and in my opinion was a real bargain.


Power not beauty.

This unit is working amazing I looked at many units that do the same thing but I decided on this one and I was not disappointed with the ability. I have been using it on and off and you do have to get used to it also if you have hairy body parts it’s going to hurt taking the sticky pads off but it’s expected I guess you can handle it. The unit itself is not tiny like many I saw but it’s because it has serious power I can only handle four bars of power and I believe it still has like eight more to go so I don’t think I could ever go that high but people that need it to do that will have just that. Being that it’s not tiny you have to carry it in a back pack or the bag it comes in minor down side. The color of the unit white I do wish they had some other color options. Also I would have loved to have the descriptions of the settings by the buttons where you choose what you want the machine to do I would have to constantly keep going back to the book to see what all the settings do. Or they could have put them on the back of the unit since I’m sure all of the instructions could fit. Also they could have better picture diagrams on the booklet that comes with this unit. I mean it was super basic since I don’t know much about TENS machines or where to place the sticky pads I think that would be very helpful. All in all I think it is an amazing little machine it’s certainly not the cheapest and not the most compact or beautiful one out there but makes up in performance. I think people that need this machine will be happy with their purchase it has helped me with my shin splints and other muscle issues. Hopefully you guys can live pain free or at least make it more tolerable I believe this unit will help minimize that.

-Jesus C.

This machine is FANTASTIC!

This machine is FANTASTIC! I have severe back pain, and I couldn’t bear the thought of not having it! I’ve had several over the years that were good, but this one gives results similar to units used in physical therapy; I know, and have been in physical therapy many times before this purchase. The unit is also compact, and very to use.

The company is great! Recently had to send the unit in for service, and it was back in just a few days. I wholeheartedly recommend this product for anyone with pain similar to mine. Thanks again for the great service!

-Lewis Patton

You don’t have to leave home you can do it yourself the comfort of your own home

I tell all my friends about how this Tone-A-Matic really works on your aches and pains specially for the arthritis pain I have spinal stenosis in the back in the neck and knee replacement it great when they started hurting I’ll just put the pads on and lay down and let it go. That one bill you won’t have to worry about or leaving your home going to the pain doctor , Just stay at home and put the pants on and let it do it’s thing. I was going to the pain doctor wants to every two weeks for my back and neck now I do it myself with my Tone A-Matic

-Leon Maupin