TAMTEC 2 - Overview

An easy-to-use electronic muscle stimulator and tens unit that provides fast and lasting muscle pain relief from injuries, strains, sprains, arthritis, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, stiff neck, tension, sciatica, back pain, knee pain, hip and waist pain, and other ailments. This device also helps to increase muscle strength, performance, motion, function and improves overall circulation.

This product has 8 different pre-set programs. A variety of programs allows you to use this muscle stimulator for different purposes (3 for Strength, 1 for Muscle Building, 1 for TENS/pain, and 3 for Recovery). Unlike other Muscle Stimulator units that only have TENS and EMS functions, this machine also includes Russian Stem, Micro-Current, and Interferential (IFC). Each program has a multiple intensity/progression levels, ensuring a comfortable feel for the user.