Burst Mode Burst consists of 9 pulses at maximum pulse rate. Burst occurs twice every second
Channels Dual (2)
ModulationMode Pulse width is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 5 sec. Pulse width decreases linearly over a period of 1.5 seconds from the control setting value, to a value that is 35% less. The narrower pulse width will continue.
Pulse Amplitude Adustable 0 - 80mA peak into 500 ohms load each channel, constant current
Pulse Rate (Adjustable) 2 - 120HZ
Pulse Width (Adjustable)  40 - 250us
Wave Form Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
Voltage 1 - 30V (open circuit)
Max Charge Per Pulse 21 micro-coulombs
Battery 9V battery (alkine or nickel cadmium rechargeable)
Battery Life Approx. 50 hours at nominal settings
Size 92x62x25mm
Weight 135g (battery incl.)