Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of a continuous, low frequency electric current (1-39 HZ) to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. It is a non-invasive, low-risk and highly effective nerve stimulation that reduces pain (both acute and chronic), discomfort and stiffness in different muscle groups. It’s like having a certified massage therapist in the palm of your hands!

All Tone-A-Matic units come equipped with TENS, which is ideal for treating muscular, tendon or ligament injuries. Our systems are used by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Spinal Injury Specialists, and by doctors working on the treatment of degenerative muscle disorders. Those with re-occurring hamstring problems, sore knee, week ankles or strained elbows can significantly benefit from the Tone-A-Matic procedure. 


Along with conventional treatment and a good physiotherapist, Tone-A-Matic helps reduce rehabilitation time by helping control swelling and strengthening weak muscles. Used in conjunction with the TENS frequency, an athletes normal recovery time from injury can be shortened. Tone-A-Matic can also be used to promote recovery after exercise. Using a unit at a low intensity setting will cause the muscle to be flushed and help remove the toxins that build up after a workout. This prevention of damage means that the muscle recovers quicker and thus has more time for growth!



IFC allows for a higher intensity and deeper penetration to the muscle at a more comfortable level. Through the use of its greater frequency (higher HZ), IFC can reach a larger number of tissues compared to TENS frequency.


The slightly different currents are superimposed to form what is called interference, which blocks the transmission of pain messages to the brain, resulting in much needed relief for users.


IFC is most commonly used to treat symptoms like back, shoulder, and arthritis pain. It is also used to alleviate chronic intractable pain and post-surgical and post-trauma pain. It promotes healing by increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which helps ions move into and out of cells.




Micro Current Therapy is the application of very low levels of electrical stimulation to muscles, ligaments, and joints to provide pain relief and promote tissue healing.


Micro Current Therapy is the only electrical therapy whose currents can penetrate cells. All other currents such as TENS and Acupuncture pass over the cells. The extremely low voltage of the Micro-current means that the person receiving the treatment will notice that it has a much lower frequency. The user usually feels pain relief in about 15-20 minutes.


Micro-current stimulates the natural healing processes within the cells. Inflamed and injured cells resist the body’s natural electric current. As a result, the supply of blood nutrients and oxygen to the cells are blocked. Consequently, the resistance makes the original injury worse. However, micro-current penetrates the inflamed cells and re-establishes the normal cell activity, neutralizes the oscillating absorption of nutrients, and increases the elimination of cellular waste.




Most professional, amateur, and elite athletes all over the world use TAMEXX®ARP/PRS Wave to recover quickly from injury or surgery. This program helps to mitigate and eliminate muscle disuse atrophy due to neuromuscular disease, muscle-skeletal disorder, chronic pain and other injuries – especially sports-related and auto accidents.


When a part of the body is injured, cells are damaged and the electrical charge in that area changes from a positive polarity to a negative polarity. This change is good at first because it attracts white blood cells and fibroblasts, thus causing the healing response in the body. However, if the negative polarity doesn’t disappear overtime, scar tissue will attach to the muscle tissue, causing the muscle to weaken and not function properly. Consequently, the joints that are supported by the muscle become injured.


As the TAMEXX® Personal Recovery Wave Program is used and the pads are placed on an area with scar tissue, the user will experience a level of discomfort consistent with the amount of negative charge in that area. It is important to increase the intensity over time. This will lower the negative polarity and scar tissue in the muscle.


The TAMEXX® Personal Recovery Wave system is fantastic for recovery from sports competition or practice. The TAMEXX®PRS Recovery Program helps to clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at lower frequencies. It is really good for muscles that are tired after vigorous workouts.