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This is the very best EMS/TENS/ MICROCURRENT/ IFC /RUSSIAN STIM combination unit I have ever used.

I used to go to the chiropractor regularly for my back pain, but now I have everything I need in one unit and no longer have to spend a lot of time and money going to the chiropractor. I can now treat my pain and tone my muscles in the comfort of my own home. Micro-Current / IFC Interferential units are usually very expensive, however the TONE-A-MATIC TAMTEC SPORT is extremely cost effective. It comes with many quality self adhesive (Sticky) pads, BONUS 8 Carbon flex ( Rubber ) pads that lasts for years you almost never have to replace, 2 Small, 2 medium, & 1 large Straps. It gives you more than you would expect and pretty much combines several machines in one with all of the different treatment programs.

The Strength, Endurance, Resistance, Russian Stim, & ARP (Active Recovery Wave) programs are perfect for building muscles, pain therapy and have helped me cut my workout time in half.

I also love how easy it is to use. The large LCD screen is bold and clear, and you have access to 8 different programs with the touch of a button.

One of my friends bought an EMS/TENS device from another company. Even though he paid way more for the unit, it is not as strong, and it doesn’t even have as many programs as the TAMTEC SPORT. I would definitely recommend this high quality muscle stimulator machine"
Isaac, Ottawa, ON

"This is a very good product. I'm using it to rehab my leg. The contractions are very strong and will definitely do what I need. The previous review by Isaac describes the unit and accessories correctly. I also ordered the facial pads and ab belt separately. They are the same high quality. I heartily recommend these.

I also had an exceptional experience with Tone-A-Matic. I contacted them by email both before and after the sale a total of five times with questions and comments. The same person handled my inquiries each time and replied the next day. She also phoned me twice. That's the best customer service I've had in a long, long time"
Luanne, Louisville, KY

"I love this thing!!! BEST unit I've ever used and the Customer service was amazing!!!
I just had surgery and I was looking for a unit like this and thank Goodness I came across this one!!! The BEST!!!!
There Website is awesome too, they have allot of cool stuff on there for this sort of workout!
I bought some extra stuff like, pads, etc.
IF I CAN GIVE IT 10 ???????????I WOULD.
Hector Figueroa, San Diego, CA

"I am a recent customer, I just put in my order for one of your muscle stimulators. I had the pleasure of dealing with one of your Customer Service spokespersons. What a great experience - so helpful patient, and very knowledgeable! True experts! They put up with my many phone calls and questions, and helped me make an informed decision. Keep up the excellent customer service".
Cedric Marshall, Calgary, AB

" I think the TMT 580 unit is great! Excellent for toning, pain management, and for building muscle (with the right diet). Three months ago, I was 179 lbs (6'3") wirey, and had the beginnings of some serious love handles. Now my arms and legs are bigger than they have ever been (I'm 38 years old) and the love handles are almost gone!! Again, I love the product and would be more than willing to support your company in any way I can".
Will Keesler, Toronto, ON

"Tone-A-Matic machines are fantastic, I have several models. I use the EMS machines two to three times a week to augment my regular workout routine. I am almost 60 and find that I have more muscle definition now, than I did when I was in my 20's and 30's - doing three weight workouts a week. 

About three years ago my fifteen year old son thought that he would surprise me by jumping off a staircase, about eight steps up, onto my back. It didn't dawn on my until a few days later that most guys in their mid-fifties would have been laid up for several weeks by this hurdling 140 lb adolescent landing on their back. Since I had already been using the Tone-A-Matic EMS machine for two years, my acrobatic son didn't even interrupt the conversation I was having with his mother. 

The Tone-A-Matic is my favourite EMS because of the intensity of the contractions it can generate. I like to vary my workout session from the pulsating STIM mode to the steady contractions of the TENS mode. I feel my muscles the next day much like the day after a strenuous weight workout. The EMS machine generates more intense contractions for longer periods than I could ever achieve with conventional workout methods. I can easily work my fast twitch muscle fibres long past their normal fatigue threshold. 

The Tone-A-Matic helps me get muscle tone and definition. If you want muscle bulk, you are still going to want to lift weights. I like to use the EMS as part of my recovery from swimming, biking, running and weight training. My wife wants me to add yoga this year. She finds that it helps in her Ironman training. I have done a couple of half Ironman (70.3 mile) races over the last few years. However with my wife as my coach, next year at 60 years old, I plan to do my first full Ironman. I hate to say it, but I don't think I could do it without this technology. It just makes you feel fit, and willing to do the rest of the training".
H. Warr, ON

"After giving birth to my two children, I was very self-conscious about my body. I went on several diets, but none of them worked. I also bought a gym membership, but found it extremely difficult to make time to go with my busy schedule. I heard about Tone-A-Matic through a friend. At first I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t want to have the body of a body-builder. My friend assured me that Tone-A-Matic had different machines to tailor everyones needs. I am so glad I took his advice. I’ve been using the TPR 250 for 4 months and have seen a huge improvement! I’ve lost all of my baby-weight!!"
Christina P., Dallas, TX

"I am a basketball player and tore my ACL last year. I have been using the TMT 580 for one month and my knee feels amazing. I love how this machine has both EMS and TENS. This allows me to tone my muscles and repair my injury all in one machine!"
George B., Newark, NJ

"The Tone-a-Matic system helped me to obtain strength, endurance and to get the edge!"
Mr. Henderson Thorne Olympia Competitor

"Thank you very much for your quick reply to my e-mail. It is very refreshing to deal with a company who gives such excellent customer support… keep it up, the public needs Tone-A-Matic…”
Patrick T., Miami, FL

"I compete in track and field. Your EMS machine has helped me tremendously. My speed has improved drastically, and the TENS frequency helped me for the muscle injury I had"
Mrs. Parker, Santa Barbara, CA

"I bought my TMT 540 five months ago. I use the EMS frequency for my abdominal area, and the TENS frequency for my back. My back problem has disappeared since using the machine. One of my friends bought a unit from your competitor that falsely claimed that their unit also has a TENS feature. She returned the machine right away because there was no switch or button for the TENS frequency. She decided to order your TMT 540 unit instead."
Ashley H, San Francisco CA

"I'm A body builder, and I used your machine for the first time 3 weeks ago! I had reached a plateau, where I was not getting good results for my efforts. Within a few days of using your EMS machine, I began to lift more weights, gained more size and recuperated faster because of the EMS/TENS feature on your units."
Mr. A. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

" I workout in a gym and ordered a unit from your competitor. Even though it was a 12 volt system it did not have enough power because it was only 500 MA. Also it did not have a reciprocating function which is very important for muscle building. Infact, they lied about their features. I returned the machine within the trial period and ordered from Tone-a-matic. There is no doubt about the superiority of your TDR unit. The TDR unit has 1200MA of power - more than double of your competition. No question that your unit is stronger, more powerful, has more features and has a very sleek design."
Mark Cooper, Virginia

"My wife and I visited the United States in the summer and I saw your ad. My wife was skeptical, but I bought your TDR 64. When the package arrived, we were excited. The unit looked great and worked fantastic. The digital screen and push buttons are easy to use. I have lost about 8 inches and my "gut" is getting smaller without doing sit-ups."
Piere Leduc, Paris France

"I always had back pain until I began to use one of your units. The pain has gone away and my stomach muscles are stronger. It is really miraculous."
Mr. T. Mason, Boston MA

"I just had a baby a few months ago. I bought the EMS machine to get my muscles toned. The result has been fantastic! I'm looking and feeling great! Thanks a lot."
Mrs. P. Clark, Manhattan NY

"You keep getting better and better. Why anyone would even consider buying a unit from a competitor baffles me. Look at your product selection and the prices - UNBEATABLE!!!"
Ana Caruso, Phoenix AZ

"Your company was recommended to me by a friend. I have been using your TPR 450 and the results have been terrific!!!"
Terry Fisher, Silver Springs MD

"Where can you get good customer service, the best EMS product selection, fantastic prices and above all a product that works? Tone-A-Matic - that's where - Thank you guys!!"
Anthony Smythe, Oklahoma City OK

" I love my TMT 580, 8 channel - 8 controls unit. I can work all muscles groups at the same time. The safety feature and timer are also great. I will recommend this machine to all my friends and co-workers."
Robert Fine, New Orleans LA

"Your self adhesive pads are the best, they last longer than the ones that came with the TENS unit I bought from a local medical store. My sister also bought your TENS system for much less than I paid for mine. Infact it is better than mine!! Thanks!"
Olga L. Rochester NY

"My friend bought a TDR68 from you, I tried it and I was surprised by the power and the features. My unit arrived 2 days ago, and I was impressed by the quick service and also the professional packaging of your product. Our other friend Joe ordered from your competitor, and was very disappointed in what he received. He sent it back today and will order your TDR68. There is no doubt you are the best!"
Christopher Perez, Fort Worth TX

"I received your TDR64 two weeks ago and I cannot believe the results I have. I have gained more muscle and I'm now convinced that your machine works."
Tyler Z , Detroit MI