Massage Gun - Overview

Deep Muscle Relaxation - Our Percussion Massage Gun relieves tight muscles, aches, stiffness, and soreness by delivering rapid, concentrated pulses to the body’s tissue. Also helps to restore the body faster, promotes blood flow and muscle repair, relieves lactic acid and can be used during warm-up to help prepare the body before exercise. Perfect for athletes, runners, weightlifters, and anyone suffering from muscle pains and stiffness!


8 REPLACEMENT MASSAGE HEADS & 30 ADJUSTABLE SPEED LEVELS - Tone-A-Matic’s Muscle Massager is equipped with 8 interchangeable massage heads to provide targeted treatment for every massage group. Each massage tip targets different pressure points on your shoulders, back, neck, calf, hip, legs and more. 30 Speed Levels with 400-3000 percussions per minute allows you to set the vibration intensity to a comfortable level.