• PREMIUM NEOPRENE MATERIAL AND WOVEN PADS WITH SILVER THREAD allow for increased comfort and mobility. The fabrics also make this brace very lightweight and breathable. Top and Bottom Velcro Straps ensure a personalized fit and prevents any slippage. Open Patella design.


  • ADJUSTABLE SNAP-ON PADS give you the ability to use the Brace in conjunction with your Electric Muscle Stimulator / TENS device. EMS technology will cause targeted muscle areas to contract and relax. This deep penetration to the muscle will provide fast pain relief in your knee and elbow area. Unlike other products, our Brace includes Snap-On Pads that are completely adjustable. This means that you are able to move the Pads around and place them anywhere on the inside of the Brace.


  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TENS DEVICES & EMS MACHINES – Each of the Snap-On Pads that come with the Brace have 3 different Snap-On sizes. This ensures that the Pads will fit most Snap-On Wires that come with Mini Massagers and TENS Units. If you have an EMS machine that uses Prong Wires instead, we also have you covered! Each Kit has 2 separate Snap-On Wires that connect to your Prong Wires. Once the wires are connected, you can attach them to the Snap-On Pads.


  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1 Knee/Elbow Brace, 2 Large Fabric Snap-On Pads, 2 Snap-On Wires, 1 Spray Bottle, Instructions (please note: EMS/TENS device is NOT Included)