Knee & Elbow Brace - Instructions

Step 1: Open the package and unravel the brace

Step 2: Connect 1 lead wire to your EMS device

If your EMS device uses Pin Wires

Step 3a: Attach only 1 Pin-to-Snap Connector to each pad

Step 3b: Insert the Pin Lead Wires from your EMS machine into the Pin-to-Snap Connector on the pads

If your EMS device uses Snap-On Wires

Step 3: Attach only 1 Lead Wire to each pad 



Step 4: Use the spray bottle to wet the beige side of each pad

Step 5: Place the Velcro side of each Pad (beige side up) on the inside of the Brace in a position that will cover the area you want to treat.

Step 6: Wrap the brace tightly around your knee or elbow

Step 7: If necessary, adjust the Individual Pads to the desired treatment area or where it feels most comfortable. The ability to move the pads around is unique to our brace.

Step 8: Turn on your machine and select the settings to start your treatment