HT 474 - Instructions

  1. Connect the wires to the output sockets at the bottom of the unit
  2. Connect the pads to the wires by snapping them on
  3. Remove the protective film and place the pads on the area you want to treat (make sure that both pads are on the skin and not overlapping)
  4. Turn on the unit by sliding the On/Off switch from Off to On
  5. Use the “M” button to select your desired Mode/Program
  6. Use the “T” button to select your desired massage duration
  7. Use the “+” or “-“ to select your desired intensity for each channel
  8. Press the middle Pause button to lock the LCD display. The “MODE” display will blink and the device will not work no matter what key you press. To unlock press the Pause button again.
  9. Once your session is completed, slide the On/Off switch to “OFF”
  10. Before storing your unit, use the protective film to cover the electrode pads