HT 474 - Features

Powerful Rechargeable Battery – No need to replace dead AA batteries any more. This device has a built in rechargeable lithium battery and can be connected to the wall charger, power bank or latptop USB port to charge. The power indicator keeps you aware of the remaining bettery life.

Long Lasting Gel Pads – New and improved premium quality pads are made with extra thivk gel to ensure they stick firmly to your body and provide excellent conductivity. They are easy to peel and do not leave sticky residue behind when taking them off.

Digital Display –  Easy to read and select the programs, treatment times, intensity level, battery life etc.

Dual Channels – 2 independent channels allow you to treat 2 muscle groups (4 pads) at a time, each with it’s own intensity level.

Portable – Pocket-size and lightweight, take this mini massager anywhere.