EMS For Toning & Firming

Electronic muscle stimulation is the ultimate strategy to slim, lift, and tone up your entire body. EMS technology mimics the effects of regular exercise by sending a signal to your muscles to contract and relax, thus allowing you to achieve your fitness goals faster, with less effort, and without putting any stress on your joints. It’s also an ideal form of exercise for individuals that have arthritis, muscle atrophy, or are physically disabled.


Can Help You Lose Inches

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How To Get the Best Results

While EMS is used to strengthen muscles, it should be noted that you still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will not work if all you do is use EMS while sitting on your couch all day eating junk food.

To actually get results, Electronic Muscle Stimulation should be used in conjunction with healthy eating habits. It is also encouraged to use EMS as a supplement to other training such as Cardiovascular Exercise, Crossfit, HIIT, etc. While each person is different and should consult their physician before using an EMS machine, it is usually recommended to use EMS 30-60 mins a day at least three or four times a week.