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Tone-A-Matic Electronic Muscle Stimulators, Designed To Tone, Build Muscle, and Relieve Pain.

Since 1990, Tone-A-Matic's line of superior products has been the number one choice of medical and health professionals including doctors.

We have been in the business of Electronic Muscle Stimulators for 25 years. Our systems are TOP QUALITY, and we offer a number of models to choose from to ensure that we've got a system to meet every need! We are the manufacturer - no middle man.

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Please be aware that Tone-A-Matic muscle stimulators are FDA 510K cleared. This ensures that high standards and quality control have been put into place for each of our products. 

Tone-A-Matic has been featured on TV and in Medical Journals!

What is an Electronic Muscle Stimulator/EMS/eStim Machine?

An Electro Muscle Stim/EMS/eStim machine is a device that contracts your muscles by sending electrical impulses to targeted muscles via electrodes (pads) that stick to the surface of the skin.

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In the 1992 movie DRAGON: The Bruce Lee Story, Jason Scott Lee uses an EMS machine in one scene. He states "Three minutes is like doing 200 push-ups". As portrayed in this film, Bruce Lee did in fact use EMS technology. Since 1990, Tone-A-Matic has continued to take Electronic Muscle Stimulation to the next level by continuously improving our EMS technology in compliance with FDA. All of our units are FDA approved. 

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24 Pads . Our Newest Pre-Programmed Digital Russian Stim Unit. 6 Pre-Set Programs included + FREE Ground Shipping...

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