Beautronic Bust Shaper

$49.00 $179.00
Product Description

  • Stimulation provides a feeling similar to receiving a massage
  • This Bust Stimulator can be switched between continuos stimulation and intermittent stimulation
  • The stimulation can be switched between left and right with a single switch, and automatically as well
  • The timer switch (15/30 minutes) can set the massage time automatically
  • The flexible cups that are included with the unit can be fitted to the breast to be massaged
When you purchase the Tone-A-Matic Beutronic Bust Shaper, the following are included:
  • 1 main unit 
  • 1 pair of bust cups

- Designed to exercise and expand the pectoral muscles and muscles around the bust, which in turn enlarges, firms, and rounds the breasts.

- Safe and easy to use

Although not everyone achieves the same gains (results may vary due to individual response and application), you can count on our product for a visible improvement no matter how difficult, stubborn, or discouraging your bust line problem is

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