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If you are in pain, The absolute best Muscle Stimulator/TENS product on the market

I cannot express enough my gratitude to Tone-A-Matic for developing the TAMTEC SPORT 4 Plus electronic simulator. After 4 major spine surgeries over the past 5 years, I was left with titanium caging on 4 of my lumbar vertebrae, a morphine pump in my abdomen that delivers the medication via a catheter directly to my spinal cord, multiple compression fractures on several of my thoracic vertebrae that remain inoperable, muscle atrophy in legs, and a huge amount of pain still in my back and legs.

Between the first and 4th surgery I was confined to a wheelchair because walking was impossible due to pain, and my muscles atrophied by at least 60% during that time. Even after a combined year in physical rehab facilities and uncountable weeks of in and out patient physical therapy, I was still confined to a bed for 20+ hours a day. The only non opiate therapy that seemed to help was the TENS, and IFC, Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) treatments I received during that period. Unfortunately, when I was deemed well enough to go home, those treatments stopped and an indescribable pain level plagued me 24/7 for years. I had given up all hope for a future. This device changed all that and significantly improved my quality of life.

Unfortunately, it took me approximately 8 other units and around $800 wasted on them before I found it. There are so many units out there it is difficult to know which will offer the relief you need. Most of them are the same unit produced in India and then labeled with the local sellers brand name on it. None of them provided the relief I needed, and one actually caused severe burns and blistering on my skin. However, after learning a little more each time I purchased one of those inefficient imports, I was finally able to refine my search results to find a unit which provided professional level strength, a price point I could afford, and most importantly, significant relief from the excruciating pain I endured whenever I moved. This unit was the Tone-A-Matic TAMTEC Sport 4 Plus.

With the aid of the unit: I have regained much of my lost muscle mass, have reduced my pain level to a mostly manageable level, and can now move without the aid of a wheel chair, walker, crutches, or cane. The device has returned to me a quality of life which I had previously lost hope on achieving. It is nothing short of miraculous and the absolute best product on the market today. Additionally, the sales team was efficient, supportive, and patient, with the numerous emails I sent with questions regarding the devices capabilities.

Do not waste your money on an inferior product that may be a few dollars cheaper or even more expensive. I have a stack of those collecting dust in my closet. However, if you suffer from Back Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Neuropathy, etc., this device will change your life. It is simple to use, comes with many extras, and is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who were too kind in answering all my questions both, before, and after the sale.

My handicap will never change due to the trauma my spine endured. However, the level of pain I must live with daily is so greatly reduced through the use of this product that I will never be without one again. My only regret is not getting it sooner because I did not find a full review of the product.

Manage your pain now! Get this product.



Tone-A-Matic is the best all around!!! Great Device and Amazing Customer Service!!!!

I love this thing!!! BEST unit I've ever used and the Customer service was amazing!!!I just had surgery and I was looking for a unit like this and thank Goodness I came across this one!!! The BEST!!!!

There Website is awesome too, they have allot of cool stuff on there for this sort of workout! I bought some extra stuff like, pads, etc. IF I CAN GIVE IT 10 ???????????I WOULD. I'M PROBABLY GONNA BUY THE BIG TONE-A-MATIC ONE THEY HAVE JUST TO HAVE THIS ONE ON THE GO AND THE BIG TONE-A-MATICFOR MY GYM AREA!!!???♔?



This is the very best EMS/TENS/ MICROCURRENT/ IFC /RUSSIAN STIM combination unit I have ever used.

I used to go to the chiropractor regularly for my back pain, but now I have everything I need in one unit and no longer have to spend a lot of time and money going to the chiropractor. I can now treat my pain and tone my muscles in the comfort of my own home. Micro-Current / IFC Interferential units are usually very expensive, however the TONE-A-MATIC TAMTEC SPORT is extremely cost effective. It comes with many quality self adhesive (Sticky) pads, BONUS 8 Carbon flex ( Rubber ) pads that lasts for years you almost never have to replace, 2 Small, 2 medium, & 1 large Straps. It gives you more than you would expect and pretty much combines several machines in one with all of the different treatment programs.

The Strength, Endurance, Resistance, Russian Stim, & ARP (Active Recovery Wave) programs are perfect for building muscles, pain therapy and have helped me cut my workout time in half. I also love how easy it is to use. The large LCD screen is bold and clear, and you have access to 8 different programs with the touch of a button.

One of my friends bought an EMS/TENS device from another company. Even though he paid way more for the unit, it is not as strong, and it doesn’t even have as many programs as the TAMTEC SPORT. I would definitely recommend this high quality muscle stimulator machine.