Technical Specifications

Channels: 4 Independent Isolated Channels

Transformers: 4 Transformers (1 Transformer for each Channel)

Body: Plastic

Weight: 350g

Length: 7.09"

Width: 4.72"

Height: 1.22-1.81"

External Power: AC110V, 50/60Hz

Internal Power: 2200MAH

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery: DC3.7V, 2200MAH

Max. Output Current: 100MA for a max. charge of 2200ohms

Max. Quantity of Electricity per Impulse: 1200 pulse voltage (meaning value)

Impulse Width: 0.25ms a single pulse width

Pulse Amplitude: 130V pp maximum peak voltage pulse

Max. rise time for a 100 mA impulse: <0.1ms/A micro component

Maximum impulse frequencies: 1200HZ

Time Setting: 0, 15, 30, 60 minutes