Direct Connect AB Belt

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Product Description
  • The Tone-A-Matic Ab Belt/Waist Trimmer works your upper and lower abdominal and oblique muscles simultaneously by contracting and relaxing the muscles when used with an electronic muscle stimulator. 
  • Using the Tone-A-Matic Ab Belt with any EMS unit will help you maximize your abdominal/core workout without the hassle of going to the gym and straining your neck and back doing sit-ups.
  • The belt can also be used without a muscle stimulator unit to increase sweat and core temperature during normal exercise.
  • Can be worn underneath clothing throughout the day to improve posture and stability
  • It can also be turned around to be used on the lower back to treat lower back pain.
  • The belt has adjustable Velcro, which gives users of all shapes and sizes a perfect fit!
  • Comes with 2 Extra Large Pads (5" x 5")
  • Our Proprietary Conductive Reusable Garment Belt Electrodes can be connected with all sorts of TENS/EMS/Muscle Stimulation Machines 


Instructions for Use:

1. Attach the 2 fabric pads to the velcro part of the belt  

2. Position the belt in the abdominal or back area that you want to work out.

3. Attach the white wire coming from the pads to the wire that goes into the machine.

4. Add water onto the 2 pads

5. Once you have wet the pads, and positioned them the way that you want, make sure that you adjust the belt tightly around your waist to make good contact with your skin.

6. Turn your EMS/TENS machine ON to start. Make sure that you have chosen your program or selected the parameter for your machine.

7. Slowly increase the Channel Intensity Bars / Controls that is connected to the pad wires.

8. You should feel the contraction/Stimulation by now, so continue to increase to a tolerable level as you would with the self-adhesive pads or Carbonflex electrodes.

9. After your workout, just disconnect the machine from the pads until your next usage.

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